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Formula 1 United States Grand Prix will be held minutes from Spiderwood Studios

Source: Spiderwood Studios

AUSTIN, TX - The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix returns, a short drive from Spiderwood Studios. Announced earlier this week, Austin, Texas will host the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

Former Professional Racecar Driver Tavo Hellmund of Full Throttle Productions and Clear Channel Communications co-founder Red McCombs have partnered to bring Formula 1 back to the United States. The $250 Million, 900-acre complex will be located just 1.5 miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

“This is a case of the right timing in the right place. As many Americans know, Austin has earned a reputation as one of the ‘it’ cities in the United States. Austin features that rare combination of ideal geographic location and beauty. Its fine dining, world-renowned hospitality and excellent transportation infrastructure make Austin ideally suited to host and manage an event of this magnitude. Few cities if any in America could rival the connectivity of all the key elements needed for hosting a Formula 1 event as well as Austin. Now, many people around the world will have the opportunity to experience a world-class event, facility and city.”

Tavo Hellmund
Source:  Formula1.com


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Map shows Locations shown (Right to Left) Spiderwood Studios, Formula 1 Racetrack and downtown Austin, TX.

KXAN Local News Report on Formula 1 Site Location in Austin, TX

More Information:  The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ Comes to Austin


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